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The Institute of Mathematical Statistics Lecture Notes–Monograph Series was Vol. 38, Model Selection. Published by: Institute of Mathematical Statistics.
Table of contents

The volume presents a collection of refereed papers dealing with the issue of optimality in several areas including: multiple testing, transformation models, competing risks, regression trees, density estimation, copulas, and robustness. The conference was organized in response to the sudden upsurge of research that has taken place in the area of multiple comparisons. A number of newer ideas have emerged from the recent research activities that could generate a steady stream of new research.

This volume is a collection of 11 papers, covering a broad range of topics in Multiple Comparisons, which were invited for the conference.

The goal of this volume is to gain deeper understanding of these ideas and to promote further research activities in this area. It is curiously hard to grasp how and why it works since it avoids both characteristic functions and higher moments. The book provides a self contained development with motivation and full proofs.

In addition to the usual Poisson and Normal approximations the book gives applications to convergence of Markov chains on finite state spaces, to birth and death chains and to empirical process convergence for the bootstrap. Usually, the identities underlying the method give an explicit error term which is bounded.

With the present version using exchangeable pairs, the error is given as an explicit expectation for the reversible Markov chain. It can thus be easily simulated to give improvements to classical approximations. This volume is a collection of 32 original papers and two biographical accounts put together as a Festschrift to Herman Rubin to honor his diverse and many deep contributions to mathematical sciences over more than 50 years.

The topics of the original articles touch on the main themes in which Professor Rubin has contributed, as well as other topics of intense current activity. This volume contains innovative new methodological articles on cluster analysis, goodness of fit, likelihood inference, classification algorithms, and meta analysis.

On the purely theoretical side, there are a number of comprehensive review articles on fractional Brownian motion, stochastic integration, de Finetti theorems, admissibility, and estimation under constraints. Each of these review articles provides readable glimpses into the current state of the art. Some notable classic unsolved problems in number theory and random permutations provide attractive additions to the interesting landscape of this volume. The First Erich L.

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The goal of this series of symposia is to examine the role that Optimality can play, or should play, in modern statistics. The articles presented here are a subset of all the papers presented during the Symposium. All papers have been refereed. The manuscripts in this volume represent some of the research presented at The Symposium in Honor of the 70th Birthday of W.

Applications are given to a wide variety of disciplines, including medical device trials, health care resource management, oncology, data mining and information processing. This special volume was prepared to honor the 75th birthday of Constance van Eeden.

Fundamentals of Seismic Tomography

It contains 28 original papers and the list of authors includes more than 20 IMS Fellows. Many papers offer contributions to two areas where Constance van Eeden made major contributions, namely nonparametric statistics and decision theory. The other areas covered include various problems of statistical theory and probability, dependent data modeling, censoring, and various statistical applications.

This volume honoring Professor Rabi Bhattacharya contains research contributions to a broad range of topics from a distinguished group of probabilists and statisticians. The areas covered include time series, stochastic differential equations, fractional Brownian motion, Levy Processes, iterated random maps and statistical inference. Several of the articles concern applications of these areas to economics, mathematical finance, population ecology, and mathematical physics.

Apart from being a useful reference on contemporary research, the present volume could also be used in graduate seminars to expose students to current research on some exciting topics in probability, statistics and their applications.

This special volume has been compiled to honor Terry Speed. It contains contributions offered by his colleagues and students on such diverse topics as probability, algebraic experimental design, generalized linear models, statistical education, and assorted applications, including the US census, fire risk assessment, and genetics. The ten weeks lectures began with a review of the geometry of L2 function spaces and covered Bayes estimates, unbiased estimation, Fisher information, Cramer-Rao bounds, and the theory of maximum likelihood estimation.

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This special volume contains four long review papers on model selection written by i C. Rao and Y. Wu ii H. Chipman, E. George and R. McCulloch iii J. Berger and L. Pericchi iv B. Efron and A. This special volume originates from a conference that was held in Lincoln, Nebraska, U.

It is not a volume of conference proceedings but it provides an excellent overview of model selection from the perspective of a few experts in the field. The symposium was cosponsored by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and was a satellite meeting of the Fifth World Congress of the Bernoulli Society. This volume contains twenty papers by eminent scholars in addition to an overview article by the editors.

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The papers are divided into eight sections: 1. Introduction, 2. Stochastic Models: General, 3. Time Series, 4. Population Genetics, 5. Semi-parametric Inference, 6. Estimating Functions, 7. Spatial Models, 8. Perfect Simulation. The reader will, for instance, find papers on asymptotic expansions, the bootstrap, Brownian sheets, estimation of analytic functions, Markov spatial processes, order statistics, limit theorems, quantum statistics, decision theory, change point theory, earth-quake point process data, and the history of statistics.

This special volume has been written to honor Professor Thomas S. Ferguson of the University of California at Los Angeles on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Most papers are in areas in which Ferguson has played an important role. The reader will find papers on game theory on Amazons, on the square root game, on games against prophets, and on randomized distributions , on problems of optimal stopping secretary problems, optimal control, selecting monotone subsequences, and on lattices with applications to martingale theory , but also on maximum-likelihood, on density estimates in a metric space, as well as on probability topics such as boundary crossing probabilities, efficient coupling, and the almost sure number of pairwise sums of random integer subsets.

Edited by Nancy Flournoy, William F. Rosenberger, and Weng Kee Wong. The 16 papers in this volume fall into broad categories: population genetics, evolutionary genetics, protein structure, genetic mechanisms, quantitative genetics, human genetics, and sequence motifs. While some of these areas have long benefited from statistical input, others are new statistical ventures. These papers represent a sample of applications of Statistics to the fields of Molecular Biology and Genetics.

Related Research

This volume contains selected papers from the Symposium on Estimating Functions which was held at the University of Georgia from March 21, to March 23, The volume contains 29 papers on a broad spectrum of topics by distinguished scholars preceded by an editorial overview. The papers included in this volume represent the current state of the art on both the theory and applications of estimating functions.

The applications include econometrics, time series, spatial statistics and geostatistics, biostatistics, queuing models. And Markov chains, among others. This volume contains papers that discuss recent developments in many fields of statistical data analysis using the L1 methods, from an International Conference based on the L1 Norm and Related Methods that was held in Neuchatel, Switzerland, from August , This volume has been created to honor Professor David Blackwell of the University of California at Berkeley by his students, colleagues, friends and admirers.

Most of the papers of this volume are on topics connected with areas which Blackwell has played a major role. Edited by J.


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